Knife noodles?!: Kalguksu

My friends told me to buy this and try this Korean homemade styled noodles in baby clam broth. Seriously I looked at the package and was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do with it even with english instructions. I haven’t ever seen noodles in a bag like this and didn’t know what to expect with the inside contents.
DSC02570So the name of this noodle is called kalguksu which literally means knife noodles, they are suppose to be handmade and knife cut instead of spun out like other noodles. Wiki guys I really just googled the package. 
DSC02572This is what the contents look like. Now it actually comes with two bags of everything but no point of picturing double. You get your noodle, sauce and freeze dries vegetables. 
DSC02576This is how everything turned out, all the seaweed actually sank to the bottom so you can’t see any but taste wise it has that true clam flavour (with no actual baby clams). Something I found neat was that after I poured everything in and cooked it for a while the soup base actually became a thicker creamier consistency. What I really like was the texture of the noodles, it’s slippery with a slight chewy-ness. Not a fan of the soup base but really like the noodles.


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