Pizza, cakes and Lemonade

I really am surprised there aren’t more Starbucks in NYC especially for an American Coffee company. There wasn’t any at Newark Airport and I wasn’t able to locate one in the streets of Manhattan ( my bro is a coffee monster and they’re kind of my go to place to take a pee break). I was also highly amused by the sale of lemonade as a drink option since that doesn’t exist where I’m from.

Here are some food highlights of places I really enjoyed:

Gramaldi’s Brick Oven Pizza
DSC02313 DSC02315

Lady M – GAWD their famous Mille Crepe Cake : O a cake to remember….I want a cake this delicious for my upcoming birthday DSC02194Told you my bro is a coffee monster, he didn’t get his Starbuck until we arrived back at Toronto Person Airport

2 thoughts on “Pizza, cakes and Lemonade

    • I was staying on the upper west side during my trip and and hitting up all the touristy place by bus, subway and feet. Maybe I just wasn’t walking by the right street corners

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