NYC Day 1

Went to The High Line, 9th ave Food Fest and saw the iconic Flatiron building. Was kind of stressed out that day because my luggage got lost. NYC is so much more warmer and humid then I would have thought.

DSC01957Lego store was a distraction …I had to go in : OOOO
DSC01984 DSC01940 DSC01947


6 thoughts on “NYC Day 1

  1. Losing losing is the “rite of passage” for travel. 🙂 You learn to always have the essentials in a carry on. 😉 NYC is finally warming up after the protracted winter. It can get pretty steamy in the summer, so you are visiting at the right time. Enjoy the sites and food, and beware of an evil hot dog vendor near Ground Zero- who is making the news as selling $30 hot dogs to non locals:

    • OMG!…Just curious what is the normal hot dog price in NYC? l found it weird that none of the stands there had price on them. I was shocked that three hotdogs came to $21….I’m used to $4.50 max/ hot dog in Toronto so I was so taken back.

  2. Hot dogs are typically $2 or $3. The guy at Ground Zero was charging $3 to locals and up to $30 to tourists. Look for stands that have prices on them, or just ask in advance if you don’t see a price.

    You can call 311 to report bad vendors- like the one that charged you $7 per dog- rip off artists!

    • Ohh thanks for the tip…I got my hot dog in front of the MET…I was looking at the entire strip of food stands and wondering about the price. I felt ripped off but wasn’t sure at all.

      • Wow – it’s been a rough few days! Hope you’re feeling better! When the time comes to head back home, your last hurdle will be airport security. JFK is on the list of places that have a high rate of TSA being implicated in crime. Don’t put anything valuable in your checked luggage, and keep track of the carry-on items you take with you through gate security. For example, know exactly how much paper money and jewelry you have if you are placing it in your bag for the scanner since it’s been reported that some TSA agents have been taking things when you can’t see the bags as you go through the metal detector gate.

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