Tinder and Beards

So I went on my second tinder date with this guy I’ve been texting with for the past month…lets keep it short, I was trying really hard to focus on his face and imagining him with out facial hair during our dinner…. Damn the beard! Every time I’ve managed to see past his beard I was like “he’s good looking” and then I notice the beard again -___- (yes I have an issue with facial hair)… I also think he needs dental benefits LOL yeah the condition of his teeth were that noticeably bad.

I enjoy texting him …just texting him. I now understand why people have virtual boyfriends and girlfriends chat games with anime characters in Japan.

No I am not on Tinder anymore ( was on it for less than 7 days), I’m done with this game. It was amusing phone app. A “Thank You” shoutout to my best friend for finding me a good distraction while I was depressed.


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