Dessert kitchen

I love meeting up with my friend for dessert/ bubble tea just chilling . It really just cheers me right up for the rest of the week and keeps away from depression. Everyone needs a good companion buddy : ) …what can be more uplifting than good company plus dessert? I suggested trying this place called Dessert Kitchen I kept seeing on my Instagram. image

This particular dessert looks a bit funky sooo… of course we had to try it. To break it down it’s basically green tea noodle that have the texture of agar ( yes petri dish substance) with sweet red bean, mochi sago in coconut milk

In the back is what they call a mango supreme classic : OOOOO…it was the one I most looked forward to trying but the one that took 3rd place out of the three desserts I tried.  I was expecting something with a  little bit more of a fruity sweet punch.image

My ball of vanilla ice cream sitting on top of some sweet red ben which goes really nicely with the fresh warm cake
imageGreen Tea Lava Cake – close up- Look at that amazing green lava oozing out of the cake.


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