This is were I’m at and have concluded with at this point. Couldn’t have put it in better words myself.

Subject P

P only wants to live until 25. She’s 23 right now.

I must say life seems a lot more tolerable if you think your only going to live until 25. Let’s be honest, the chances of most of us doing anything of significance is very slim. I have accepted this fact. I used to think life was about making a contribution to society. But what can I do? Let’s put it this way if we all did something special, none of us would have done anything special. What am i going to accomplish past the age of 25? It’s a shitty way to think, but its a thought I cant get out of my head. What makes you get up in the morning and not just crawl back into your warm toasty bed?

We all have incredibly brilliant and incredibly stupid ideas that we can’t entertain due to lack of…

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