I went for Korean food! And I’ve been longing to try Korean tofu stew for the long time and I finally did! Loved it as it ended being the perfect food I was craving seeing that the weather is so cold.Nice spicy kick to things.

You know that  lost feeling when you try restaurant of a different culture and you have no idea how things work or how to go about eating certain types of food …that’s how I feel with Korean food. Menus with no pictures at all are even more confusing. Good thing I actually ended up liking everything I ordered



These perfectly RAW eggs came to the table and I was so confused as to what I do with them….I ended up cracking them into the soup…no idea if that’s what I was suppose to do.


Korean food comes with many little side dishes ….muahahaha kimchi!kimchi! (my bro hates it)


This is bibimbap basically rice with in a stone pot with a bunch of veggies on top …I’ve had better memories of stone pot rice. Don’t know why I one point I liked them so much

image Bulgogi Beef Om nom nom nom I have like a fear of Korean marinated meats since my one time Korean BBQ experience. I found that their meats are always too overly marinated for my taste but this dish was okay and perfectly fine when paired with rice



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