It all went down the toilet

My story of the day;

I can’t find my happy place with people.

You know that feeling were you feel that 110% sureness about wanting to be with a person from the bottom of your guts and the moment they ask you out your like over the moon and it’s like almost magical because they make you laugh and ever so happy.

Yeah I never felt that way from the beginning with this one. He had every checklist qualification but I felt no sparkles or butterflies, in fact I was immensely bored despite the fact that we had so much in common.

It was a good self lesson for me though, I now know to kill my checklist and just find someone that can make me happy. At least I had the guts to end things in person despite the fact that I stalled there like and idiot for 45 min.





2 thoughts on “It all went down the toilet

  1. The right match can be difficult..looking for something that both feels good to the heart and mind.

    Good for you for doing a face to face for the unpleasantries. I’ve heard of so many folks copping out and breaking up by the lowest form of communication, texting….so rude and insensitive.

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