Banana Coffee and more Banana Coffee

DSC00446 DSC00417 DSC00434DSC00449

I was drinking the red ginseng tea my friend Melody got me but then I randomly started making banana coffee for breakfast, it’s like my go- to two in one and I love it because I can skip putting cream and sugar into my coffee and it’s satisfyingly sweet.

DSC00399 DSC00406

I borrowed a kindle and started reading hunger games. I finished the first book and I’m 30% done reading the second book but for now I’ve returned the kindle.

Look at my computer T_T …hence it’s making blogging rather difficult. The screen got smashed after my laptop fell off my bed. I only have half a diagonal screen to work with, very inconvenient. I now have it plugged to a crappy fuzzy monitor. Bummer and my pc is still infected with a virus. Makeshift computer until I find a replacement/ fix.


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