Snack attack

DSC00257 DSC00254 DSC00262 DSC00249

Found some cheese on promotion at the grocery store. Funny how the “you save” number is printed larger than the actual price number. I had my own little at home Starbuck happening this afternoon, made some tea and munched on half a cinnamon roll  (calorie conscious) and tackled some snack items from the CNY gift box. Yes I snacked a lot today but I also went out for a jog.


2 thoughts on “Snack attack

  1. I guess they think big bold “SAVE” and “SPECIAL” stickers will influence your buying decision. Hmmm, they would make a good social experiment – going out to a club with “special” stickers on to see if they have a positive effect. 😉

    I think you have a ways to go before you need to worry about counting calories. 🙂

    • haha I’m only conscious about calories in terms of junk/ sugary foods cuz I can’t control my sweet tooth. If it’s healthy stuff I’m downing it to my tummy’s content regardless of numbers.

      Ahhh social experiment ideas…

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